AI Grammar

Deep Grammar will correct your grammatical errors using AI

Deep Grammar is a grammar checker built on top of deep learning. Deep Grammar uses deep learning to learn a model of language, and it then uses this model to check text for errors in three steps:

  1. Compute the likelihood that someone would have intended to write the text.
  2. Attempt to generate text that is close to the written text but is more likely.
  3. If such text is found, show it to the user as a possible correction.

To see Deep Grammar in action. Consider the sentence “I will tell he the truth.” Deep Grammar calculates that this sentence is unlikely, and it tries to come up with a sentence that is close to that sentence but is likely. It finds the sentence “I will tell him the truth.” Since this sentence is both likely and close to the original sentence, it suggests it to the user as a correction.

Here are some other examples of sentences with the corrections found by Deep Grammar:

  • We know that our brains our not perfect. –> We know that our brains are not perfect.
  • Have your ever wondered about it? –> Have you ever wondered about it.
  • To bad the development has stopped. –> Too bad the development has stopped.

You can find a quantitative evaluation of deep grammar here.

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