Singularity Or Bust [Documentary]

In 2009, film-maker and former AI programmer Raj Dye spent his summer following futurist AI researchers Ben Goertzel and Hugo DeGaris around Hong Kong and Xiamen, documenting their doings and gathering their perspectives. The result, after some work by crack film editor Alex MacKenzie, was the 45 minute documentary Singularity or Bust — a uniquely edgy, experimental Singularitarian road movie, featuring perhaps the most philosophical three-foot-tall humanoid robot ever, a glance at the fast-growing Chinese research scene in the late aughts, and even a bit of a real-life love story. The film was screened in theaters around the world, and won the Best Documentary award at the 2013 LA Cinema Festival of Hollywood and the LA Lift Off Festival. And now it is online, free of charge, for your delectation.

Singularity or Bust is a true story pertaining to events occurring in the year 2009. It captures a fascinating slice of reality, but bear in mind that things move fast these days. For more recent updates on Goertzel and DeGaris’s quest for transhuman AI, you’ll have to consult the Internet, or your imagination.

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The State of Artificial Intelligence – Davos 2016 Talk

How close are technologies to simulating or overtaking human intelligence and what are the implications for industry and society?

This talk took place on 20th January 2016 – at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting (and was developed in partnership with Arirang).

Moderated by:
Connyoung Jennifer Moon, Chief Anchor and Editor-in-Chief, Arirang TV & Radio, Republic of Korea

Matthew Grob, Executive Vice-President and Chief Technology Officer, Qualcomm, USA
Andrew Moore, Dean, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Stuart Russell, Professor of Computer Science, University of California, Berkeley, USA
Ya-Qin Zhang, President,, People’s Republic of China

Professor Stuart Russell – The Long-Term Future of (Artificial) Intelligence

This was published on YouTube on May 22, 2015 by username: CRASSH Cambridge


The Centre for the Study of Existential Risk is delighted to host Professor Stuart J. Russell (University of California, Berkeley) for a public lecture on Friday 15th May 2015.