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Carlos Teran Italy Jersey ygouzatg
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The question of who will now compensate a William Street woman for her television set and a section of her wardrobe now lingers, after some ‘trigger happy’ policemen stormed her yard just after noon yesterday.Vanessa Washington of 60 William Street,cheap jerseys nfl wholesale, Kitty, said just after midday she and her daughter-in-law were in their living room when they heard a commotion in their yard.The woman said she noticed her daughter-in-law peeking through the window then she quickly took to the ground holding her head.Vanessa Washington points to the bullet hole on her television set “The next thing I hear is something like a gunshot and I see police all over in the yard,cheap nfl jerseys online, and a boy running to the back of the yard,” Washington said.She added that after hearing the noise, she too took cover not knowing what was going on in her yard.Washington said her four-year-old grandson was in the yard at the time and upon seeing the police he quickly ran up the steps.“He run in the house and I picked him up and hugged him because you could have seen that he was frightened,” the woman related.She said they later saw several police ranks rounding up some young men from around the area at her gate.She said all of the persons who were in the yard and in the street at the time were all searched. However, from all indications,Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale, the woman said, nothing illegal was found as the men were all sent along their way.By that time, Washington said persons around the area had come out to see what was going on.Several persons questioned the ranks why they would want to shoot in the yard when children are around.Washington said one of the police ranks then responded, “me ain’t got no children and I ain’t got intention getting any.”The woman added that the police ranks then entered their vehicle and left.She added that it was only after the men left that her son decided to check their home, only to find that a bullet had passed through the wall of their living room, through their television set,Jerseys NFL Wholesale China, the bedroom wall and then lodged in their wardrobe.Upon seeing this, the woman said she immediately informed the Kitty Police Station about what had transpired.When this newspaper visited the woman’s home, two ranks from the Kitty Police Station were taking statements.Washington said the ranks took an estimate of the damaged television set and the wardrobe and said they would look at the possibility of compensating her for the damages.In the meantime,Chris Archer USA Jersey, the woman and other residents around the area are concerned over the manner in which police normally conduct their operations there.The woman said this is not the first time police have stormed the yard.However,wholesale jerseys china, she noted that while they have a job to do, the police should go about their duty more professionally.